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January 29, 2024


We're aware that the Facebook page (not the Dave Barry Fans one administered by Sue) has been hacked. We're trying to hack our way through the Facebook bureaucracy to fix it. Thanks to those of you who alerted us.


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I don't know which is worse, getting an account hacked, or having people come out of the woodwork saying they'll help you get your account un-hacked.

Back in the olden days, "hacker" meant someone who was good at dinking around on computers. Somewhere along the line the term was taken over to mean what it does today... I've always disliked that.

Hope you recover the account soon.

Not my hairball.

Facebook has plans to deploy their latest software upgrade plans complete with Security Center(R) to prevent security breaches such as this in the future.

Where did the hacker go?

I don't know, he ransomware.

Let's be optimistic for a prompt solution while we try and focus our attention on other things.

Baby Boomers can't believe we wore bell bottoms, Gen Xers cant believe they wore cargo pants, Millennials can't believe they wore skinny jeans, Gen Z can't believe they cut off their penises

Somebody's getting fired * Again !!! *

Internet Repair Music

The computer repairman must be running late.

He has a hard drive.

What did the eyewitness tell the cops after a computer robbed a bank?

This repair may take awhile...

Way off topic, but a serious IT warning:

On Feb. 1st, both Google and Yahoo are adopting new rules to reduce SPAM to their e-mail servers.

The changes will be invisible to us, as they reside inside of DNS (Domain Name System), the internal "postmaster" for delivering e-mail. In brief, if an e-mail server hasn't been modified to meet the new requirements, e-mails sent to that system may be rejected, and that system will likewise be unable to send any e-mail to GMAIL and Yahoo. And there's no easy way to check if your e-mail vendor is compliant or not.

Here's the technical details, if you wish to read more: New SPF and DKIM Email Requirements.

Hmmm, I thought hackers were really heavy smokers.

Who needs “Facebook“ or “TikTok“ or “Instagram“ or “Pinterest” or “Please Let Me Voluntarily Divulge Every Personal Detail of Boring My Life in a Desperate Bid for Attention and Approval from Others and then Complain About My Privacy Being Violated After I Posted Photos of Myself Chugging a Pint of Jack in My Right Hand with a Loaded Bong in My Left”, and other social media accounts, when everything you need to know and everyone whose opinion matters is already here on the DB Blog? Not me.

The evil hackers have been on a tear since the beginning of the year. They now have clever artificial intelligence tools to assist them. The only effective countermeasure is to create virtual judis that can be fired by the dozens.

Dr. Pangloss - Hear, Hear.

*Life in a Desperate Bid for Attention and Approval from Others and then Complain About My Privacy Being Violated*

I might add you unknowingly, but in no uncertain terms, perfectly described chimps who go around spray painting street graffiti in their pathetic effort to be recognized.

As far as these chimps being arrested and prosecuted -

*their lawyers are paid for*

Leave Judi alone!

I did the hacking. I'll un-hack it if you send me $1,000,000 in small bills via FedEx to:

Prince Aswaw
10122 West 42nd St.
Lagos, Nigeria

If you tell the police the deal is off.

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