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January 26, 2024


Drivers on a highway north of Quebec City were slowed down Tuesday after a moose sauntered onto the road.

(Thanks to EricY)


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Sauntering mooses should be illegal.

The nation plunged further into what was already total chaos when Sawangjit Kosoongnern sauntered by driving her Bentely. Officials, following France's lead, immediately surrendered stating, "stay indoors and shelter until all this sauntering subsides." Also, "remain calm. Please stop calling and asking how to pronounce the lion's name. We are dealing with what can be characterized as 'beyond total chaos' here. Call it 'gripped'."

I saw "Sauntering Moose" open for Gordon Lightfoot.

See the majestik Møøse
.. A Møøse once bit my sister ...

Make sure you døn't let her lick the tires.

That's why (whenever possible) it is better to sashay than saunter.

This happens in Alaska all the time. It's not news.

Doesn't look anything like Bullwinkle.

Sauntering moose...

A friend of mine once was stationed at Loring AFB at the top of Maine. He'd been home to Providence for the weekend, and in upper Maine was driving 100 mph to get back on base in time. He came around a curve, and there was a moose standing in one of the lanes.

He had a decision to make. Would the moose move or stay put? Should he stay in the same lane, or switch in anticipation of the moose moving?

He chose to stay in his lane. The moose did too, so he passed right by it at 100 mph. And is why he can tell about it now.

In the moose's defense, he just wanted to see what was on the other side.

You know Rocky the Flying Squirrel gave the order.

Wait, does the Blog hate all squirrels, or just grey squirrels?

Actually this animal is likely related to the moose that was owned by Margret Trudeau, of Canadian royalty of years ago (Maggies' moose) and she was a celebrity in her own rite (she, not the moose). According to stories from those days she had a pet moose who she taught to saunter and it then became a national dance pastime with its own dance music - the Canadian moose saunter. Something like, "Do the moose, Maggie's moose, doot doot doot doo, do the moose ..., but watch where you step ..." Then repeat. I think I heard once that Gordon Lightfoot wrote it but he does not seem to be credited with authorship according to all expert sources on the internet.

So, is 'sauntered' a code word for something else? A moose 'sauntered' on the road ...

Oh yeah, that moose is sauntering, all right.

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