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January 25, 2024


Asteroid the size of two ducks impacts above Germany

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Nice video. Mmm...roasted astroduck.

So an asteroidette the size of a goose will be next, right?
(duck, duck, goose)

Two ducks? Ducks? Not chickens?

That's the most ridiculous asteroid measurement tool yet.

I don't worry until they're the size of two ostriches.

An asteroid around the size of two wild ducks ...

What's the measurement in terms of tamed ducks?

Did it leave a l'orange colored trail?

"Why a duck? Why that...why a duck? Why a no chicken?"

Were they in a row or side by side?

Two Duck Implants opened for Dolly Parton with special guest Porter Wagoner.

*Porter looks a little like Fred Gwynne. Some may say, Karloff.

Someone is finally putting the humor back into Astrophysics.
Can't wait for the next fun "measurement".

That's just quackers.

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