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January 28, 2024


An Asteroid 5 Giraffes Wide Will Fly Near Earth This Week

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They're really sticking their neck out with that prediction.

Is that 5 giraffe widths, or 5 giraffe heights? Inquiring minds want to know.

Are those metric giraffes? We REALLY need to know.

Too many spindely legs not to be laid standing upright side-by-side.

Would an earth 5 giraffes wide flying near an asteroid during the next seven days have any measurement consequence or just simply be a reciprocal? Write your answer in a geometrical equation. The use of Parallelogram and Pie are acceptable. Show your work.

Isn't the acceptable Giraffe Measuring System by height rather than width?



I'm looking forward to the approaching 2024 BJ.

Oh wait, never mind.

if it's 5 giraffes wide, how many giraffes long is it? and deep, for that matter?

5 Giraffes Wide might be getting a recording contract.

What is the gender identity of each giraffe? Are any of them pregnant?

I, too, am terribly confused by all this. Is it five times the width of a giraffe, or five times the length? And if it is the width, then it would, as Jim has posited, make a difference if any of them are expecting.

@man tom - The use of pi is unacceptable, then? ^^

@Mad Hatter - Let me check my arithmetic.

3.16 - .02 = Pie.

^5 @man tom

They claim the asteroid has a measurement of 82 feet yet if each giraffe has only four feet, times 5, equals only 20 feet, so that meens there are 62 feet that are unaccounted for. Does this indicate it may be time to defer that mortgage payment?

@Florida Man: It's always time to defer that mortgage payment.

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