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January 31, 2024


Finally, Body Hair Is Being Normalized on Runways

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Are these fashion runways in Muff, Ireland???

A wee bit 'airy out there.

Somehow I feel vindicated regarding my new wardrobe.

Nice beaver!

I'm smirkin' at your merkin.

Not clicking that link, no how, no way.

Isn't flying these days already perilous enough ?

And I'm proud to wear a merkin, where at least I know I'll need to pee.

@wanderer, I'm with you.

I can't remember who the comic was, but I remember someone talking about summer Olympics and men's gymnastics: that the Chinese gymnasts looked like they could be the same person and he changed his armpit toupee for when he held up his arms at the end of his routine. This was not said during a time of political correctedness or preferred pronouns, but I found it funny.

Please repeat tower, did you say there's a pair of beavers on runway 69, over.

Yep, I thought it was airport runways. A beaver strike on takeoff will land you in the Hudson for sure.

I saw Bush Couture open for Culture Club.

I never saw a moose knuckle I didn't like here in Canada, but given a choice I'd prefer a Brazilian to a 'Merkin.

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