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January 31, 2024


Woman arrested with 130 poisonous frogs in her luggage

(Thanks to Mezrap, who says "Anything to declare?")


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"Sorry, ma'am, but there is a 125 frog limit."

In my defense, that isn't my luggage,'cuz mine is full of tadpoles.

Frogs In My Luggage WBAGNFARB

I don't suppose this might be the same woman with the 56 bags of weed? Nahh...

Hello my baby!
Hello my honey!
Hello my ragtime gal!!!

cfjk, you're closer than you think.


Favorite "heard on the interwebs" joke of the day... Q) What's the difference between a sugar maple tree and an incumbent congress-person? A) With an incubent, the sap only runs every OTHER year.

What about the junk in her trunk?

Once securely confiscated, for the love of god, could members our nation's counter espionage agents in conjunction with concerned Secret Service people take up positions as stadium hospitality personnel strategically positioned at the Superbowl to hand out the frogs to Taylor Swift's entourage as they enter the stadium? Hopefully she and her people succumb to acute poison frog wind pipe obstruction attacks leading to death before halftime. Spare no planning and execution agenda. Kill them all. Let god sort it out later.

@man tom - having a rough day, buddy? There, there. I'll fix you a hot beverage sans toxin.

Snork @ Jeff!

@MOTW - having said everything I said about Taylor Swift, let me add, I have no idea who Taylor Swift is, never heard a song - ever - by her and have to believe she has no where near the talent of Taylor James Taylor.

Someone's going to be hopping mad....

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