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January 25, 2024


Delta Boeing 757 airplane loses tire moments before takeoff in Atlanta: ‘Sounds like we got a problem’

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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So? It's not like they needed it after takeoff.

Not a problem, the plane has way too many tires anyway.

As a former aircraft mechanic, I've changed literally hundreds of wheel and tire assemblies and not one fell off. Someone screwed up badly for that to happen.

That's what you get for not making sure all the bolts are tightened to spec!

That'll be the last time Delta hires a mechanic with "NASCAR pit crew" experience on their resume.

Passengers interviewed later said they were completely satisfied when Delta compensated them for the inconvenience with a free 1 ounce bag of pretzels and a non-alcoholic beverage.

The people sent to retrieve the tire was glad that it didn't roll all the way out to the Interstate.

Another airline just added a "all tires present for the whole flight fee"

Which is more important, a door or a front tire? Inquiring minds want to know...

If it's Boeing, I ain't going.

Back in the Dark Ages when I was at Cornell, I was waiting for a flight from Ithaca to NYC on Mohawk Airlines (now part of American). The plane (a BAC 1-11?) landed and blew the nose wheel, and taxied to the terminal with a flat tire. The mechanics were on strike, so the pilot jacked up the plane and changed the tire. There are more bolts than a car but it's not that complicated; how do you leave enough of them loose or missing so that the wheel falls off?

There was an extra delay while the copilot dug the jack out from under the luggage compartment.

Looks like that plane needs to be (puts on sunglasses) retired.

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