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December 27, 2023


Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer at company's Texas factory during violent malfunction - leaving 'trail of blood' and forcing workers to hit emergency shutdown button

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, Barry Nester and Rick Day)


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On the plus side, there is no mention of electrical fires breaking out.

They need to start a workplace basketball league so they can work out their job frustrations after working hours.

The robot software must have been written by the same programmer who did Tesla's autopilot.

They really need to start using the "Three Laws of Robotics" on these things.

Even the robots hate Elon. It's fitting to see them go after him first, before they start on the rest of us.

Isn't "Trail of Blood" what they call the service departments in the back of the Tesla dealerships?

I don't blame the robot.

Management placates the robots with a Pizza Party

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