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December 23, 2023


Llama therapy at Portland airport eases holiday travel stress

(Thanks to GJ)


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Llama, don't let your sons grow up to be cowboys.

It has to be less stressful to travel without your llama during the holiday season by leaving it at its' therapist.

Have a Llatte with that Llama.

What happens if the llama is llate for the lliftoff?

This getting to be a big thing lately for flying. Was on a flight where one passenger had an emotional support llama and the damn thing kept spitting at me. And I was informed that the first 'l' silent and you only pronounce the second 'l'. Good to know

I believe this is one of those cases where we need not ask WHICH Portland.

A natural progression from goat yoga.

Was this Dolly, Tony or Como Llama?

You know, como say llama.

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