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December 28, 2023


Here it is.


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There's 4 days left in 2023.

So the Year in Review is getting surreptitiously downsized like bags of Fritos and Pepsi at 7-11.

What's there is spot on and makes me spew my venti mocha across the barista bar with laughter! Dottie Weisenflanker can mop things up.

Great job Dave!!!

Loved it, as has always been the case.

Thanks so much for helping us keep the oddities of our time in proper perspective.

year in review behind a paywall

Another Pulitzer-worthy piece of work.

But don't take my word for it.

I spit on your Miami Herald paywall!

Can Judi remove the pay wall? Id much rather pay you direct substack style (like Gene) than pay a newspaper for a town I dont live in.

Click *HERE*

Now I am not going to get anything accomplished today…
…which kind of sums up 2023.

Thanks for the positive press.

Remember, Bidenomics got us where we are today!

Who is Harold, and why does he live in Miami ?

Thank you, 5th Estate!

What, me worry?

Thanx 5E! Dave, Frito & Pepsi doing their best to lower the official CPI and thus the rate of inflation, by making downsizing a good thing. (When your taking flak you kow you're over the target.)

Have to subscribe to see it

What goes around, comes around.


Dave only gets better with age.

Forgot, possibly neglected, to mention:

'Poop Map' ruled ineligible on California ballot.

If you live in CA in a cardboard appliance shipping container you are eligible for reparations.

I'd like to give Dave a hand. Thinking about it. Which one?

Required reading for all elected officials.

Pickleball, AI, leave a tip. Yup, pretty much sums it up.

I subscribed just so I could read it, well worth it. Thank you Dave Barry!!!!

This annual recap is tremendous. As a former newspaper carrier (can you still say paperboy?), the biggest circulation day is Sunday. Hopefully newspapers nationally that purchased Dave's review in syndication, run this on Sunday - New Year's Eve, to attain the greatest reach.

All of Dave's year-end columns are great, but this one is especially poignant, right-on, and hilarious! 😂

How hybrids are made. Genius, Dave!

Hybrids are made when EV's have leaky seals?

I'd be taking some time off too, after all the sweat equity that goes into the melding of a genius year in review column.

Much like pulling off a big holiday gathering of friends and family, and sitting down to a five course holiday feast. Gather all the ingredients, hours of preparation & cooking, then perfect timing so it all comes together. And everyone polishes it off in 30 minutes with much satisfaction.

Bravo. How you manage to outdo yourself year after year is amazing and appreciated. Here's hoping that 2024, an election year, brings a bit less drama but plenty of fodder for more sausage making in your humor kitchen. Bon appétit, bon voyage and Happy New Year to you & your family!

Overall, it was an accurate summary, but he left out the most important event in the merry, merry month of May; Dave finally got to meet Dr. Pangloss in the flesh at the Pratt FreeLibrary in Baltimore.

And, “George Santos”, if Dave Barry can win a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, then I have a chance of winning an Olympic medal in skiing for farting on the chairlift. It just comes naturally.

1988 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Commentary

Dave Barry, your year in review is, as always, the best thing that has happened all year! Thank you!


Chinese Chess Champion Has His Prize 'Wiped Out'

At Least Police Had Something To Go On

Bizarre burglary attempt with portable toilet and torch at local fireworks stand

A Florida Man's 'Flight' From Police

Florida man spotted making 'dirt angels' arrested after leaving Hillsborough crash scene

The Light Is Out On This Relationship

Florida woman smashes man’s taillight after he refuses to pay her for ‘sexual favors,’ deputies say

2024 Could Be A Streaky Year

Guide to choosing your New Year underwear color

Luck has nothing to do with it because going commando is where it's at, Baby! Giddyup!

Striking While The Iron Is Hot

Python shows up at private beach club in Florida and gets subdued with golf clubs

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Locking the door!

Smiling Faces Tell Lies & I Got Proof

Florida woman sues Hershey Company for $5M for "deceptive advertising" of products without faces

Time For An Annual Eye Exam

Vehicle drives through the front of Mecklenburg Co. eye doctor’s office

Let It Snow Down Under!!!

White Christmas: 260 Pounds of Cocaine Wash Ashore in Australia

Dave every year I think you can't top the previous year for sheer hilarity. But you ALWAYS do! Absolutely brilliant. Humor writers everywhere despair, for they can't even come within a cosmos of your talent. I love you man! You bring so much joy and light into these incredibly dark times!


Man, 20, speeding in Maserati crashes into Miami Gardens police car during chase

Take Out A Loan To Watch The Ball Drop In Times Square

People Are Paying Outrageous Prices To Watch The New Year's Ball Drop At Applebee's

I always thought pickleball originated in Florida, in The Villages.

Pickleball Genesis

hey, you forgot a most important event of 2023 - Barry Manilow is still alive.

One of the things we look most forward to in our new years reading. Thanks for the laughs and as everyone already said, you are a natural genius!

I love the end of the year review so much….but was surprised there wasn’t any mention of the submersible Titan that imploded. Such a riveting -crazy story of 2023-i was looking forward to what Dave had to say about it.

Thank you for being the comedic voice we all need, especially during these unpredictable times. Looking forward to more belly laughs and clever insights in the year ahead!

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