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December 26, 2023


Woman Busted For Beating Man With Xmas Tree

6:48 p.m. Four Christmas inflatable lawn decorations were stabbed to death.

Drunken 'Santa' crashes into house delivering gifts

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Do NOT mess with them.

He's lucky she didn't roast his chestnuts on an open fire IYKWIM.

In her defense, he started needling her first.

Oh Tannenbaum! 🎄

When you don't have a yule log or a Festivus pole feadily available you have to improvise.

She was giving the sap the brush-off!

Sounds like her bark is worse than her bite!

It's time for him to bough out.

That's the the last time he goes out on a limb to buy her presents.

We have yule logs for this purpose.

I believe in Florida the popular spoken phrase for this might be "ya'll log'.

And I see that this article also comments on a 'domestic battery' - does this mean in Florida you can only use batteries in your Tesla that are made locally? That is versus a foreign battery.

3:56 a.m. A man was walking in the center of the road, waving a roll of toilet paper. ...Ah, the French surrender is such sweet sorrow.

In my defense, Rudolf was driving the sleigh that night, but not to worry Krampus knows how to handle the po-po.

The original lyric "Four Christmas inflatable lawn decorations" was replaced by "Four Calling Birds" in the song.

"Don't blame me. It was all Rudolph's fault."

Drunken Santa's Coming To Town

All I Want For Christmas

Carol of the Bells (& Don't Mess With Them!)

Was the guy brandishing the toilet paper asking if he should wipe with the shiny or dull side?

Phil Packs Fudge!

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