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December 22, 2023


A sudden rear ending ultimately resulted in a 38-year-old Florida woman dancing an Irish jig for police officers to prove she wasn’t drunk.

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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Who doesn't enjoy a sudden rear ending now and then

This performance wouldn't have worked in Ireland either.

It's gotta be preferable to dance a jig after a sudden rear ending insteqd of sitting down.

If you want to prove you're sober, is an Irish dance really the best choice?

Always fun to witness a flashmob River Dance.

She should have said she was Vandelay Industries' new latex salesperson.

The cops are gonna think twice before they try to arrest somebody again for DUI using the phrase, "All right the jigs up!"

You're Irish ? Get into the prowler, Ma'am .

So Florida man met Florida woman. And the story has a happy ending - the two were wed and for the wedding they had some toilet water from California shipped in to fill up the punch bowl. The Florida couple bragged to their guests about the 'punch' being a special rare California vintage beverage, something called
'Pee No Neware".

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