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December 27, 2023


New Zealand mayor clarifies there’s no need to ‘stop pooing’ amid town’s sewerage stench crisis

(Thanks to Steve Lodholz and Doug Ogg)


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I have questions.

Keep'n it tight in NZ!

This is the kind of government guidance we all need.

Perhaps they should check to verity that the stench is not coming from the government. Good thing they gave us the ok to go cause I was getting a headache from the backup in my plumbing.

A common occurance when brown-nosing public officials.

If more poo won't make the problem worse, then in effect, he's claiming their poo doesn't stink. But if so, then why do they have a stink problem?

When does sewage become sewerage? And did you notice the name of the mayor? That could explain a lot! New Zealand is definitely a 'foreign nation'.

Hope this helps: https://www.drainage.nz/what-is-the-difference-between-sewage-and-sewerage

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