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December 22, 2023


Hey Admin

I just wanted to say, I’m a huge fan of your work. I especially loved your recent post.


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Just wait until you see the gate I fasten to it!

But you haven't read the good part about the Nigerian princess and the fortune in gold.

Hey, Dave, when are we going to draw for the secret santa? So, I guess it is just you and me this year since you fired judi.

Administrative Specialist

Dave - judi called me and asked if she could have her personal items that she did not have time to collect when you fired her and walked her off the premises. She asked if I could get her: three-hole paper punch (the one with the wideholes), her red Swingline stapler that you gave her that is engraved with "Employee of the Month", her coffee cup that has teh word "Boogers" printed on it. She also asked that in the future you do not use the word 'fired' when referring to her time here but call it a 'parting of the ways'. And she said she did not take your toenail clippers that went missing from your work station. It must have been the cleaning person who took it.


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