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December 22, 2023


Drinking toilet water may be the future of drought-stricken California

(Thanks to Annette, who says "After the dog...")


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But only in the finest houses. It'll be known as 'the lap of luxury'

And being California, they'll undoubtedly pay the highest price anywhere for the privilege.

Those low-flow regs will come back to bite them in the arse.

Isn't a Cali luau defined as five San Franers sitting around a toilet with straws?

Lovely - now, you won't just smell pee everywhere, but can also enjoy it as an aftertaste!

After a fancy label on the bottle, a few 3 AM infomercials and an endorsement by a Hollywood starlet or two, they'll have the entire country drinking it.

So glad we live in Australia.

It will only cost $2/gallon plus another $5/gallon in taxes.

California - we're making steady progress since last year when we banned gas powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

California - come for the sights, stay for the toilet water.

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