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November 07, 2023


Barbra Streisand wasn’t happy with how Siri said her name. So she called up Apple’s CEO to get it fixed

(Thanks to EricY)


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"And while you're at it, stop telling people I was born in 1864. This girl don't find it funny AT ALL. And please stop implying I had a loved child with Omer."

How do you screw up Babs? (asks Alexa)

Hey Siri, how can I tell if someone is a narcissist?

Also make sure there is no "z" sound in "egotistical."

Wonder if her upcoming autobiography makes any mention of the Streisand Effect?

I wonder if she had Siri canned?

Siri was probably just as surprised as I to find out she is still alive.

She's probably still steamed about Cher getting the Macy's T-Day parade gig, and just needed to vent.

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