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November 07, 2023


Australian Gin Is Infused with Green Ants for a Citrusy Flavor Boost

(Thanks to Ralph and Emily, Leslie and w)


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Hold the finger lime on mine.

But wouldn't this make it the deadliest liquid on earth?

This drink will boost your immune system with added ant-bodies!

If only we had that while watching and blogging 24.....

This is why I prefer Chartreuse.

Good journalistic choice of the word "venomous," but if you drink them I think the ants can properly be called "poisonous" as well.

I ate a few green arsed ants in Australia. Victoria Bitters beer washed them down. Dead ant dead ant They were very bright green, the bottles and ants.

It's not the ants I would be concerned with. It's the uncles.

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