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November 21, 2023


The newest offering, much like every other year, features scantily clad or naked models posing with giant carp - who were caught just before they were handed to the girls to hold while they posed.

(Thanks to Annette)


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For the carp, carpe diem.

Very false advertising. Most of those models are NOT naked.

What's that smell???

On the plus side, most of these models look marginally happier than the guys walking the runway at modern fashion shows.

That's not the way a hook-up site is supposed to work.

I use chicken livers on a treble hook to catch mine.

But the fish like just worms.

On a scale of 1 to 10...I'm a little blurry on assigning a number to model number 03.

*Early this morning I smoked a bowl with Snoop Dog.

The carp all died happy.

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