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November 07, 2023


Residents Outraged as Snow Penises Take Over Russia's Yekaterinburg

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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They'll lose those erections when the snow melts next July.

Penas Yekaterinburg with his patented slap shot more powerful than a Putin backhand Lazer-slap, known as one-timer in the NHL, will take to the ice with the Aho line. The Big Ice Penis as He was known in Russia, said in his first interview since coming to the country, "I am looking forward to being paired with A-Ho despite his stupid name."

Penas is excited He will now be seeing his brother-in-law,
Vladislav 'The Big Unit' Gavrikov of Los Angeles and will be able to share stories about drilling home their hard one-timers.

The Russian equivalent of lawn signs that say: "I'm voting for Putin."

If caught, the miscreants who made these outrageous sculptures will be subject to a stiff fine.

They'll be doing hard time in the gulag.

Russian winters can really suck.

Paging Dick Tracy.

They must be hardened criminals.

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