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November 17, 2023


Fans ask if Snoop Dogg is ‘OK’ after rap icon announces he’s ‘giving up smoke’ after talk with family

(Thanks to Al Barkafski and Michael Parry)


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Snoop Dog just released his second cookbook. Apparently it is selling like Girl Scout cookies next to a dispensary.

Snoop was high when he said that.

If I were ever a pot smoking Rap Icon, I could have a career you know, I would would choose Snoop Dog as the way my public should address me.

Writer's embellishment: Snoop Dog is a King's hockey fan who appeared in the announcer's booth and did some guest play by play last year. He was so 'hip' the ghost of Bobby Orr appeared right there in the booth and smoked a bowl. What a tremendous influence He is on hockey fans and potheads everywhere. *cough*

Note: Bobby Orr's ghost had two assist and a goal disallowed for being off-side and also pummeled Wayne Gretzky after downing several large cups of beer. Gretzky was placed on Injured Reserve retroactive to 1987. *another cough*

Can I just say, that last shot was a *cough* BULLET.!


And that's a good thing?

Maybe Martha Stewart came up with the ultimate recipe for edibles.

How soon before Martha starts marketing vapes?

And an hour later, Snoop realized he had been misquoted: "I'm giving up smoking anything except my new brand, called Snoop 2.0. Everything's high, except the price!"

Also, it was in the news today that the city of Lenwood, Ca. has approved the nation's first "retail cannabis mall" in an abandoned tourist shopping center just outside of Barstow.

I imagine this will make the 150 mile drive to Vegas more enjoyable?

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