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November 19, 2023



(Thanks to ubetcha)


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Congratulations! Next up, your office will the model for a "Hocus-Focus" puzzle.

Dang, I would have entered Barry Manilow.

A bonus clue not used with the Jumble Crossword.

At an early age He dazzled young TV audiences while - unpublished to his captive audience - He carried on a broiling off screen love mission with his co-star.

*Bonus comment: I may think of a bonus comment later.

Wrapped in an enigma?

Rats. I filled in "Yard Brave".

Dave only has cross words for squirrels.

Congratulations Dave. We always knew you had it in you.

It might mean that other Dave Barry.

Well, Dry Beavar would also work. Or, Brave Yard.

Anna Gram

Now that he's famous, Dave should cash in. Y'know, write a book or something.

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