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November 17, 2023


Company will pay someone $2,000 to watch 12 Hallmark movies

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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A Hallmark Christmas movie with the cast and characters of General Hospital might be an improvement for both genres

How much to sit through a 24-hour marathon of the Copacabana television film?

$2,000 PER MOVIE is a more realistic price for Hallmark. Because afterwards you have to deal with diabetes from excess sugar content.

Hallmark movie previews...

Has live rat testing been prohibited?

The future of the Canadian sappy movie production industry hangs in the balance.

Any zombies, nekkid people, aliens or explosions in these films?

Isn't this prohibited by the Geneva Convention?

@cfjk - No rats; it's inhumane to put rodents through that, apparently.

(However, I heard a rumor that lawyers are being encouraged to apply.)

@klez I suppose that might help when trying to decide which one to appoint to a judgeship.

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