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November 18, 2023


I love the Miami Book Fair. Today I got to interview the hilarious David Zucker -- one of the geniuses who created the great movie "Airplane!" -- and I got to meet Susanna Hoffs, formerly of the Bangles, currently author of the novel "This Bird Has Flown."



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I haven't read it, but I love it. Airplane! I have watched the movie so many times, sometimes only the funny part, 'Barbara Billingsley as the Jive Lady'. Cool. Didn't the Bangles open for Francis Scott Key?

Sounds like a manic Saturday at the Miami Book Fair.

Airplane Classic Scenes...

If you recognize any of these seniors they may be claimed at lost & found. A Florida driver's license is required as proof of kinship.

Soon to be appearing on a milk carton in a supermarket dairy section near you.

Sounds like it was a wonderful evening as long as you didn't have the fish for dinner.

I swear the person on the left is a ringer for Barry Manilow. Which means Ms Hoff is a Barry Sandwich. I must say, they did a nice job of dressing up the Miami homeless for this photo.

I see Dave is wearing his personal appearance shirt - it is the same one he wore for a book signing in California a number of months ago.

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