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November 22, 2023


The Rolling Stones are hitting the road next year on a tour sponsored by AARP

(Thanks to EricY)


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They're not exactly good spokesmen for AARP, since the fact they're doing this means they're not retired.

Wow. Mick's only a year younger than President Biden.

Got better moves though.

Still working at 80. I guess they're all just a 'Beast of Burden'.

I guess the frog whose dad is a rolling stone had his credit line revoked?

Many more artists representative of the entire British Invasion now sponsored by AARP. Bands include, The Dave Clark Two, Gerry is wearing the Pacemaker, Manfred Old Man, Peter without Gordon, Herman's Hermit, Crusty Springfield, The Slinks and many more. Well, not that many.

So they must have been motivated by the life insurance discount?

The Official AARP Stones Tour Color...

I still have my "Still Younger Than Keith Tour" Rock Bottom Remainders T-shirt, so...

The Cremation Society missed a perfectly good promo opportunity.

Shouldn't they hire somebody to constantly monitor for moss?

Mick can still get down, he just can't get back up again.

This is where Dave says "I swear I'm not making this up".

And they talk about sexual dysfunction from Deep Space trips ...

Gonna be a mess when the crowd lights up all their catheter bags.

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