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November 27, 2023


Disneyland streaker arrested after wandering around ‘It’s a Small World’ ride'

(Thanks to Miss Sophie Barry)


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I could have told you that.

In his defense, he thought it was a Kum & Go.

Somebody finally lost it on that ride in a big way. Also significant shrinkage occurred due to the water feature.

If you are just 'wandering around', are you really 'streaking'?

It's a lot easier to catch a wanderer than it is a streaker.

Well, he's the type of guy who pulls his clothing down
Where small attractions are, well you know that he's around
He strips off and roams off 'cause to him it's all the same
He shows them his shrinkage, he don't know that it's a thing
They call him the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
He roams around, around, around

I have not been paying much attention recently, sorry, but I see the Blog has a new (to me) contributor. Apple didn't fall far from the tree, did it? Maybe another Pulitzer Prize for the family mantel?

Ha, I hadn't noticed that until you pointed it out!

Everybody agreed the guy was in the right ride - It's A Small World.

Snork! And high five to Dion.

. . .and controlled substances were involved. I am shocked!

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