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November 20, 2023


Chuck E. Cheese has announced that it will be removing its iconic animatronic bands from all locations, except for one in Los Angeles.

(Thanks to man tom)


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I hope that they can go to good homes where they can live out their days with their new friends

I also hope to program a Chuck to deliver my eulogy

Wait! Are you telling me those bands weren't real?

The Day the Music Died!!!

Does this mean that Chucky's kitchen food prep is going robotic?

To be replaced by the Blues Brothers band inside a cage of chicken wire.

Replace the band stage with a shooting gallery.

BYOG* Night is every night.

*Bring Your Own Gun

In the future Chuck E.'s will be headlined by Cher and Barry M.

Waffle House will still have martial arts.

Thus violating the first rule of Fight Club...

Making room for the octagons?

Patrons of the arts have gone into mourning.

Woo hoo! More room for fightin'!

So does that mean they are going to drop the middle 'E'? By the way, what did/does the 'E' stand for? And Chuck becomes Charles?

Pullet -- The E is for Entertainment

I just saw "Five Nights at Freddy's". And they are removing the animatronic figures from Chuck E. Cheese. Coincidence? I think not.

A lonely world grieves...except in L.A.

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