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November 26, 2023


The three-year cruise is canceled

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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...the company has is vowing to refund those who’d signed up for cruises costing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Citing time spent for their efforts thus far to make it happen, Life at Sea Cruises has a team of court appointed lawyers, yes they are broke folks, working to come up with exact refund amounts.

Sounds like a last minute thing.

In their defense, they offer for free in exchange, three successive years at the local polar plunge.

I do believe these folks have been hornswoggled, bamboozled, tricked, deceived, duped, fooled, put in the old trick bag! Dammit.

In Texas that's called all hat and no cattle, but in this case it's more like all bull and no ship.

What a ship storm.

Never buy a cruise at garage sale!

Sounds like the passengers are up a river without a paddle.

The passengers are going to end up doing this...

Could be worse. Could be a three-hour tour that *wasn't* cancelled.

I took a hard pass on this offer when I noticed that it included a burial at sea.

But they found a driver and that's a start.

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