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November 27, 2023


Time to untangle those holiday lights.



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Perhaps it might be easier to untangle Middle East diplomacy first, and then we work on the light strings?

Did it Friday. Got the tree up, too. Got all the Christmas cards in the mail today. Had the shopping (for others done before Thanksgiving.

Yes, I'm that guy.

What if we just nail the jumble to the nearest palm tree and call it done?

Santa's little helper.

These also work well in a pinch if you have emotional concerns and are asking the question, "Don’t take my dildo?”

@man tom, I have a few of those and also the wheel for the rooftop lights. The cavemen know to keep a respectful distance when I assemble or disassemble the tree. I just can't justify spending $700+ for a prelit tree.

@MOTW, I recently bought three for $2.27 each. Some Chimp stole one of mine I use to wrap a retaining rope I used to cordon off the parking lot. I had to unravel a long orange industrial extension cord and use that in the meantime to wrap my retaining cord. Then I was so terribly disappointed when I went to a Dollar Tree looking for a particular size bowl Mrs. man tom saw online while looking for bowls. The Dollar Tree had this which I bought only one because I had already spent a huge sum on the three from Amazon.

This is where to shop, $1.25, and save a fortune on cord wraps.

These make great Christmas gifts.

Story follows,

Years ago it was around Christmas and mrs man tom was meeting for dinner with a Dr. who she shared mutual patients with. Mrs. man being the thoughtful person she is gave the Dr., I think a box of chocolates, as a Christmas gift. I believe this was when they walked to their cars after dinner. The Dr. surprised by the chocolates said wait a minute and started rooting around in the trunk of her car and came up with one of these in her hand and handed the gift to mrs. man tom.

...reached inside her trunk and came up with one of these and handed this to mrs. man tom.

Oh, thanks for the gift. Wait, I want to go over to my trunk. Be right back. Here.

You know when mrs. man tom came home from dinner, it was either that night or the next day, she said, "the Dr. gave me a Christmas gift." I asked, "what was it?" Mrs. man tom said, "I think it's something for the toilet." I asked, "What??????" She said, "it's out in the car." My memory is bad, but when I saw the toilet tank lever I said something like, "She gave you this?" "Yeah, what is it?"

The last we heard of her she mentioned someone took her house. She probably gave it as a gift.

Use scissors. Easy job.

This is why the solution to string theory was such an important science milestone. I mean the last significant accomplishment was solving the single burnt-out bulb problem; you don't have to check every bulb - just throw out the whole string.

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