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November 08, 2023


Brits are third biggest drinkers in the world missing out on top spot to unlikely nation

(Thanks to Ron T)


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It's quite likely that the author of that story has NEVER been to Denmark.

A man I'll call Alfred, because his girlfriend reminded more than once his name was Alfred, not Albert, lived next door to me for a time. Alfred was from Denmark. One night I heard a noise at my front door and looked out the view hole. It was Alfred's girlfriend looking 'mussed up' panting out of breath then running away for her life in another direction before I had the chance to open the door. I was in my underwear. I went back to bed and never heard anything more about the incident. Then sometime later, a completely different incident, I spoke to Alfred I as I often did getting in car as He had converted his garage into a motorcycle shop. Alfred says, "where were you last night, I was pounding on your front door." I said I must have been sleeping. He said, I had to kick my efing door down, I locked my key inside. Sure enough He had kicked the front door down.

On another occasion I was working on a computer at my house and Alfred had been coming over to help fix the problem. I found something about the computer in question I wanted to tell Alfred so I went to his door and rang the bell then knocked repeatedly. Finally Alfred came to the door, opened it wearing a towel and said, 'what F8$k do you want I'm naked in here."

In keeping in line with the subject of the thread I will say Alfred was a giant of a man standing somewhere over 6'5" tall.

Note: If you have never heard a tall, blonde blue-eyed babe panting at your door in the middle of the night looking mussed up, you have not lived.

The residents of Greenland probably drink just to stay warm. There aren't very many of them, but still.

Didn't somebody just rank Denmark as the happiest country on earth? Now we know why.

From the 3rd placed country to the 1st - skål!

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