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November 26, 2023


Medicinal leeches poised for comeback in Scottish Highlands

(Thanks to The Perts)


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That really sucks.

Life styles of the rich & famous featuring health insurance executives.

The leaches are waiting with baited breath.

I've been working with loons here in NH for almost 50 years. There are some high-altitude fishless lakes where they feed almost exclusively on leeches.

Even more rare than these leeches are leech biologists. There's little funding for anyone studying the unglamorous critters. It took more effort than usual to make contact to get some info.

Congratulations to Scotland!

This story makes my skin crawl.

A real pain in the ass. Especially when we're wearing our kilts!

I saw "Poised Leeches" open for "Pink Floyd"

Thank you very much, suika game moa

Flash-free fun is the new black, and Watermelon Game Unblocked is here to set the trend.

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