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November 08, 2023


KFC has apologised after sending a promotional message to customers in Germany, urging them to commemorate Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)

Oops again: Turns out that's an old item. Sorry. Judi etc.


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"Don't mention the war. I think I mentioned it once, but I got away with it."

Celebrate pun and Dad joke day with cheesy fries. It isn't that hard, folks

That is not a mistake. That is like showing up for a tennis match dressed in hockey gear.

It's gonna be a lot worse if the cheesy chicken ends up being recalled because it may contain glass shards.

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KFC...the preferred choice for your "Strength thru Joy" picnic.

I think that was 2022… but still beyond belief..

dammit judi

Clearly, this is a result of global warming so cut Judi a break.

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