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November 29, 2023


Florida woman tries to eat counterfeit cash during arrest for Walmart scam, police say

(Thanks to Robert Moats and Buck Nekkid)


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Many years ago, the current lieutenant governor of Texas was a local sportscaster in Houston. One Friday night he predicted the Houston Oilers would win their game by at least 20 points, or else he'd eat his script on Monday's newscast. The Oiler LOST by over 20 points.

On the Monday newscast, he had on the desk in front of him an empty glass and an egg. He said somebody told him paper went down easier if you drank a raw egg beforehand. So he cracked the egg into the glass, drank it down, and started eating his script. With his colleagues laughing hysterically, he said he did think the egg trick was working.

So this woman should have stolen an egg at the Wal-Mart if she thought she might have to eat the money.

Fora balanced meal,just add Splenda.

Don't try that with bitcoin.

"Uttering forged bills"?

I did not know Walmart carried those.

They'll never be another the likes of The Rascal House.

Isn't that what killed George Floyd, overdosed on counterfeit?

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