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November 07, 2023


At least somebody is focusing on the real issues.

(Thanks to Ed Quinn)


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We may need a bit more tannerite.

At least the squirrels in New Mexico are smart
enough to stay out of Texas.

Given that my state (Texas) is among those with the lowest ratio, I'm horrified at the very thought of what the folks with the higher ratios are dealing with. They must live in continual, abject fear.

I'm in a red state. Oh NO !!!

The real reason most of the south doesn't have high density of squirrels is because of Brunswick Stew (squirrel and rabbit).

Completely inaccurate. A simple Google search gives an estimate of approximately 2 billion US Eastern Gray Squirrels, and I don't think ground squirrels are included at all.

I think someone is a bit emotional.

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