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November 21, 2023


Earth Just Received A Laser-Beamed Message From 16 Million Kilometers Away

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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So did the sender reverse the charges so we have to pay upfront to be able to read this message? Did they say they would wait on the line for a reply? Or was the message something along the line as maybe an offer for an extended warranty on my laser message beamer?

Dear John...

Those Klingon phasers'll never get through my shields, Cap'n.

It says: Sorry this application is no longer supported on you drivers.

.........SEND MORE CHUCK BARRY.......

No worries, it's just some message about an interstellar bypass assigned to the Vogons.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I hope all your turkeys are moist, and that's not a euphemism.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful that DST is over, and that Ben Franklin at least didn't get his way with the national bird or we'd all be cooking bald eagles for dinner.

Two things:

1. I live very close to where that message was received. Take that, Roswell!

2. The decoded message reads "Barry Manilow is the real reason we haven't attacked your planet yet. There is still hope for your culture."

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