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November 24, 2023


Dude, those aren’t instructions on the sign, that’s just the name of the gas station.

(Thanks to Linda Schutjer)


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In the 1970s I was driving through the small town of Stockdale, Texas, and saw a convenience store called the "Stop and Blow".

But the "blow" part wasn't what you might think. The sign also advertised, "Milk. Beer. Ammo."

He's not welcome in our little hamlet.

Law enforcement officials are reviewing surveillance video from the day after Kelly was released recorded at the Helpee Selfee Laundromat where Kelly was apparently scratching his genitals with a the knob of a detergent dispensing machine.

Dude, next time just go to the Stop & Rob.

"But Officer, the sign says..."

Hold on. I'm....

On the plus side, he didn't misidentify the DEF sign to mean defecate.

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