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November 25, 2023


Authorities believe this Renault Clio Campus was struck by a meteorite

(Thanks to Frank)


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Caution: Space junk onboard.

It used to be more common for rock groups to do that kind of damage to hotel rooms.

On the plus side, that should help with the available rear passenger headroom.

They may need this...

In our defense, psychobilly takes a lot out of you, so sometimes you just have to unwind.

one more good reason to renew your extended warranty.

Big deal - my old man was hit by a Meteor - 1965, red, and the accident report read "Struck in the Rite fender. So I guess that was a collision with a Mercury Meteor, Rite fender, no injuries.

All it would take to do that damage to that car would be one flaming meatball from the Turkish cafe next door.

I have yet to process this.

So, meteorites are measured by either nuts or balls? Cosmology is surprising.

Are they saying meteors have rights guaranteed by the second amendment?

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