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November 08, 2023


Pizza Hut selling snake pizza in Hong Kong

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and EricY)


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If people want something horrifying on their pizza, why not settle for pineapple like the rest of us ?

Back in the day ('86-87) in Wuhan, China, we had SPAM pizza. Snake sounds better

There's a big snake in Florida they can use.

I wouldn't worry. It's modern Pizza Hut, which means there's barely any topping on it.

So basically a hoagie?

Better or worse than Pineapple/Ham?
You decide.

Snake meat is great--fo the snake.

So in NYC it's rats while in Hong Kong it's snakes?

If Hong Kong gets snake as a pizza topping, then Florida deserves alligator. I’ve tried it, and it also has the texture of chicken, and tastes fishy.

It’s not funny, but it is interesting how of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, Westerners will eat some of them without hesitation, and the rest are taboo. Especially dragon.

Imagine a coiled snake pizza; so much crust.

So if they sold this type of dish in Myanmar, would they call it Burmese Python Pizza or Myanmar Python Pizza?

If they ever do that here, I know some folks who'll make a fortune supplying rattlesnake for the pizzas.

I still say there are some kinds of meat you should never eat, in case the critters can smell it on you. Like shark, bear, and snake. That may be an argument for eating squirrel meat.

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