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November 23, 2023


We're thankful for all of you who read and/or send stuff to this blog. We hope you never come to your senses.


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Aw shucks.

In your defense Dave, this is the least expensive addiction I've ever suffered with, so little chance of that "coming to one's senses" thingy being much of a concern, and a Happy Turkey Day to you, sir.

PS If tomorrow we all try going "Cold Turkey" for bit, have no fear, we'll be back.

And we're thankful for your amazing humor Dave.

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

Some guy named Gene makes it worth my while to keep hanging out here. I've never met him. The money's always in an envelope taped under a certain park bench. Never the same kind of envelope. Paid me in Euros once. I guess he kept tabs on me after that Alert Reader mention years and years ago. Must be some kind of old-time journalist with a long memory. Happy Thanksgiving!

coming to one's census is a problem all right, but at least there's pecan pie. Happy Thanksmas!

So, are you blogging from the 'Copacobsna' or from 'New England' where you 'Write the Books' (you & Mandy, huh?). 'Looks like you made it; so I guess you 'Can't smile without us." Have to say, yes, "It could be magic or", something else maybe. So, Mr. Dave Barry Manilow Alan Pincus, do what I always do on this day, check the toilet bowl for Myanmar/Burmese pythons before you sit down. And check afterwards to make sure you did not drop your cell phone into the bowl. Says Mandy, "Guess what's for dinner today? Ta-dah, not turkey - a young Pullet. Surprise!?"

And to you, our friend we’ve never met. BTW, what are “senses”?

Nah, still crazy after all these years.

We will NOT come to our senses, Dave.

We’re thankful for your decades of writing and humor that have kept us this way.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dave ! Senses is highly overrated.

I never seem to come to my dollars, either. Happy Harvest Festival.

A Thanksgiving day thought in the name of senselessness.

Chilllin' with Snoop Dog is like the blind leading the blind.

And I do cherish you
And I do cherish you
Cherish is the word

Giving thanks for Dave's blog... a cornucopia of good humor, music, & a respite from the not so good news.

Enjoyed streaming the Detroit parade and for a beleaguered Michigan sports fan in Florida, can actually look forward to watching the best Lions team since 1962. The Wings are on the upswing and U of M vs Ohio State will be an epic battle of undefeated teams. Go Blue!

Time to deviate from the Mediterranean diet for a day. Enjoy the holiday & I pray for the safe return of ALL captives to Israel.


To echo the words of all the revered bloggers above mine, Dave, I have to say that I have no senses left to come to or come back to. I have to say that the deleterious effects of masturbation are much more than blindness. It has already taken my sense of humor. So I depend on this blog and your works to fill-in what I have lost thru my life-long self-flagellation. Underneath my bed are your books where the old Playboys used to reside, but sadly my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where your written word escapes me now. I am left with two questions: 1.) Will your works be on audio books someday? and 2.) Will you be putting this blog on audio feed any time soon? Would love to hear how some of these august bloggers verbalize their comments? Sort of like Charlton Heston reading the Bible, if you remember that.

Yay! Remember when we had to mail in paper clippings?

Unfortunately, it’s not going be a happy Thanksgiving for some of you commenters on this blog until you finish writing those letters to your family, friends, and employers—if you have any—explaining you won’t be home for the holidays this year or any year in the foreseeable future because you have met some Beautiful People at the Dave Barry Blog, people who truly “get” you and your “unique” sense of “humor”, people who use quotation marks gratuitously and write in run-on sentences, and you must tell everyone not to worry, it’s not a cult or anything like that(!), so there’s no need to send the deprogrammers, but if they want to have even the slightest chance of ever seeing you again, they should realize material possessions cannot buy true happiness, and therefore they should sell their cars and mortgage their houses and send the money to Box BLX6#5&3% at the UPS Store on Biscayne Blvd, certified funds or money order only.

We’re your real family now.

Sounds like the holiday drinks are flowing freely... and the pharmacies will reopen at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

@PS Given your deteriorating vision, I proffer this advice, that if your audio tape begins with "Foreskin and seven pulls ago, our four fathers" ...you're very likely not listening to a recording of the Gettysburg Address.

I spent $140 on a free turkey this year. The turkey was a gift from work, but the recipe called for 3 gallons of $28/gallon peanut oil so it can be deep-fried after soaking it in $50 cognac for a couple days. Pretty spendy turkey but deeelicious. No cents left at all.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Dave!

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful, wacky, wistful BlogFolk.

(Some days, it’s the marvelous humor shared herein that is the sole reason I get outta bed at all.)

Happy Thanksgiving Dave and blogsters!

The Rolling Stones open their AARP sponsored tour here in Houston 28April. I haven't yet seen the opening act, but I'm hoping the Remainders get the gig. Those young whippersnappers (Dave is four years younger than Mick) can help the old fogies onto the stage, then stand by to catch them if they fall off.

Happy Thanksgiving Dave, and thanks to you and all the blog contributors for the many laughs and respite from the weary world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dave is only four years younger than Mick?! Looks more like four DECADES younger!

“Cherish is the word that I u-u-use to describe”…all the fun I’ve had here with Dave and fellow blog personages.

To Dr/Mr/Ms Pangloss - I think you are noticing some free license allowed on a national holiday on the blog submissions. And since it is a holiday, Walter was given the day off so postings might be a bit looser right now. I for one think that Walter is doing an admirable job since judi left. Anyway I prefer to see real quotation marks around certain phrases rather than having somebody raise both hands and claw their first three fingers in the air, which believe the people in the business call 'air quotation marks". I expect that when Walter gets back into the Captain's Chair there will be no more loose vowels, run on sentences, dangling participles, proper noun-verb coordination, and, as Walter has stated many times, "I hate semicolons." My father once had a section of his bowel removed and said their after that he had a semicolon. And I don't think they left a fly in there when they sewed him up.

Mad Hatter shows up just in time for Thanksgiving supper. Can I offer you some home cooked fried chicken wings and fresh russet potato fries?

"Dave is only four years younger than Mick?! Looks more like four DECADES younger!"

Yes. But as Dave has pointed out, science should study the Stones for their longevity in light of their ... everything. I'm guessing their upcoming Houston show will be as frenetic as all their shows have been. I'm a few years younger than Dave and wish I could move like Mick, and not need an ambulance in the first 30 seconds.

I’d just like to say I miss Nurse Cindy. God bless her family on this Thanksgiving.

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