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November 29, 2023


British food: 20 best dishes

(Thanks to Ron T)


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While at a conference in a Jolly Olde that shall remain nameless, one of the meals was a Shepherd’s pie made with fish in white sauce.

The group had people from around the world who had eaten many 'delicacies' served by native chefs. This was a dish that had them stymied. I was able to down a complete serving as a double dog dare.

I ended up with a queasy feeling, but a lot of international street cred

It says a lot that they can't even get tea right. If you need milk and sugar in it, is it really worth drinking in the first place?

The answer is YES, but they go off and ruin a perfectly good beverage. I guess they feel it needs to taste as bad as the other stuff they consume. It's sort of a tradition.

I have heartburn after reading just half of that list.

Wot abaht Digestive Biscuits? Crumpet? Brighton Rock? Stilton Cheese? Cheddar Cheese? Salt and Vinegar Crisps?

Cornish Pasties!

Are two of them gin & tonic?

Tip: Shepherd’s pie is best when made from real shepherds

As far as I know, Scotland is still part of Britain, so where's the haggis?

That said, you cannot possibly go wrong with fish & chips, 1000% better than imitation versions you get here, for the most part.

Hint to CNN: that is steak & kidney PIE, not pudding.

Second hint: look up how to spell "Shepherd's Pie."

Cottage Pie, kippers, Welsh Rarebit, SANDWICHES!

Stargazy pie?

The Retro Bowl is the ideal contest for the couch quarterback to make their case. The game, which is presented in a gorgeous retro aesthetic, offers straightforward roster management, including press responsibilities and the handling of fragile egos, while you get to make decisions on the field.

A comic once said that the British fly so much not because they want to travel but they enjoy airline food so much.

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