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November 29, 2023


A Japanese precision part manufacturing factory recently went viral for its bizarre new product – a line of hammers shaped like realistic bananas.

(Thanks to Ralph and Annette)


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Didn't Precision Bannana once open for Steely Dan?

I may be naive, but I'm not sure its purpose is to hit nails IYKWIM(AITYD)

Banana Hammer WBAGNFARB

Is it wrong that I want one so I can demonstrate it for my kids? "Now HERE is the proper tool for driving a nail, guys..."

I'd prefer one shaped like a blueberry.

Okay, now you botanists have your work cut out for you. Try to reciprocate.

If the only tool in your toolbox is a banana...

The best part is you can make an inexpensive DIY tool rack by simply duct taping it to the wall.

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