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November 08, 2023


9-foot alligator bites snorkeling woman on face in Florida spring, officials say

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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Was the tenth foot bitten off?

“Sounds bad, but it biting my head is probably the best place that it could have been because like, if it would have got my arm and that it would have got a better grip on my arm and I could have lost my arm,” she told the station. “I’m genuinely just really, really lucky." ...Not so sure luck has so much to do with it, but have you considered stupidity?

Coulda been worse. Could have been flesh-eating bacteria.

Rule: Never swim in a Florida water hole unless you like reptillian company.

Note: Iguanas and pythons can swim in salt water.

I saw 9-Foot Alligator when they played a free gig in Chicago's Lincoln Park.

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