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November 26, 2023


‘What the heck is going on?’ Extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I thought a particle was about a third of a testicle?

I accidentally swallowed a high-energy particle and ended up with atomic ache.

We think we know about physics. We no NOTHING about physics.

I just put on my Tin Foil hat.

Try covering up the Renault Clios, or parking them in garages.

Is it merely a coincidence that these particles are discovered in the same country they found Godzilla?
Just spitballin here.

Working on the taxonomy of this and hoping to change science or even science fixtion - would you call this particle while it is still in the air a 'particuloid' and when it hits call it a 'particulite'? Taking a poll of opinions here and hoping for a pulitzer prize or even that noble thing.

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