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November 08, 2023


If you see a killer whale, 'never enter the water' and turn off your engine

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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I'm not sure Flipper can take on orcas, but he did take on sharks. Calling FLIPPER...

... and don't make a noise like a frightened seal. That would be bad.

News You Can Use

Key quote: "Never swim with these animals because they are much bigger than us, even the small dolphins," Natoli added. "One can observe them from a kayak or paddle boat, but always refrain from swimming with them."

That sounds like a challenge to me, one that is on a level of the host of Against Medical Advice options

If you have to be told not to get in the water with a killer whale...

This is why they're never invited to pool parties.

For those who have survived selfies with the animals at Yellowstone.

Don't you think "killer" is a bit biased?

If you see a shark, never enter the water, or buy a used car from him.

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