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November 07, 2023


Texas Southern band member punches heckler in the stands, continues playing

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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LOVED THAT .. yes, that's weird to say, but my son plays tuba so .. suck it

He didn't miss a beat!

The original intent behind John Phillip Souza's creating the Souzaphone.

Leave the musicians alone, or else.

Tubas are sort of heavy, so if you're strong enough to carry one for a whole halftime show, you're probably not somebody to be messed with.

@Rod indeed - Sousaphones weigh 90 lbs.

Now on Pay Per View .....Trombone vs Tuba.

Aren't Seussaphones traditionally used to play the national anthem of Whoville?

I loved it too. Also, during my college days, I saw some idiot walk through ranks while the marching band was in formation on the football field and I guessed he wasn't feeling very well afterward.

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