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November 22, 2023


A population of hard-to-eradicate ‘super pigs’ in Canada is threatening to invade the US

(Thanks to Barry Nester, Alkali Bill and Charles Cates)


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Does that translate into super bacon?

To access the current situation of our border crisis is to say, "right now the deodorant aisle at CVS is more secure than the Southern border." To raise awareness, this impending invasion of the 'super pigs' to the north should be included in this years', Year in Review.


Summed up with reference to one November instance.

Snoop Dog smoked a bowl while taking a tour of the ever growing crisis near the northern border then asked, "what super-pig, dawg?"

Shakira's security detail etc.

Time for a Superdawg®.

That's all folks!

If one of these super pigs is named Napoleon....we're in big trouble !

I bet the baby back ribs are super too!

Invade us? Let 'em try. Our super pigs will wipe the sty with them.

Italy has dealt with the wild pig situation with Porchetta Sandwiches. I suggest we do the same.

Let them come - I enjoy Canadian bacon. Also, as a tip to LeDud - if one of them goes by the name of Babe, don't shoot him, he is a famous actor. Or maybe the progeny of Arnold Ziffel?

Just what we need -- another mediocre Marvel superhero franchise.

I bet if you released a python, that would take care of them. (That was not a euphemism).

France on high alert

I think it was some guy wanting to build a fence on our northern border. Here in Texas, or governor wants to fence off New Mexico; Oklahoma and Louisiana are next. Well, at one time China tried to wall-off the Mongols. Didn't woke, folks.

Bring 'em on...I love the smell of bacon in the morning.

So if I were to go to the Canadian border and help these animals come across would that be called 'pulled pork"? I would also bring along plenty of cold weather gear so I could have pigs in a blanket. Keeping in mind that 'pork' is not a verb.

Hog Futures market in a state of flux.

I saw "Superpigs From Canada" open for Billy Idol in 1982. Showing my age! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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