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November 17, 2023


Unauthorized sandpiper statue in Dorchester ruffles feathers at council

(Thanks to Laura)


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In retaliation for her reprimands Coun. Debbie Wiggins-Colwell drew up paperwork to order the entire family, including Sebastian AHO (no relation), of Coun. Debbie Wiggins-Colwell, who presented the list of code of conduct violations, to one by one plunge off the bridge at the edge of town and to as Wiggins-Colwell put it, "chaotically, but more so honorably cease to exist."

She ordered her entire family to do this, you ask? Chaotically more or less. More so?

For those of you too young to remember Unauthorized Sandpiper who preceded The Birds as early adopters to the advent of Rock n Roll, need I remind you.

Note of interest. I saw, well I didn't see a thing because I lost my vision, when I attended an Unauthorized Sandpiper concert with Snoop Dog.

"At the mayor's request, Coun. Allison Butcher read the list of violations aloud, which included respecting the decision-making process, adherence to policies, procedures, and bylaws, respectful interactions with councillors, staff and the public, improper use of influence and use of municipal assets and services."

This is how civil wars get started.

Sandpipers make a lot of obnoxious noise...

This is why I no longer accept handwritten purchase orders from government representatives, with the deposit paid in Monopoly money.

I always preferred Curly to Shep. And, the man who turned this into a controversy has the Larry haircut. Mo stories like this please.
But, between these two statues, the original Shep had more character. Too bad it wasn't restored. Perhaps if it has not been destroyed a restoration could still take place. They could have two Sheps. Wood rot is not fatal, the exterior facade seems mostly intact, as shown in that photo. I would rather enjoy working on that project, do they still let normal people into Canada?

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