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November 18, 2023


'Kelce' becomes a top trending dog name in America, pet company's data shows

(Thanks to Ron T)

Pranksters beat chess grandmaster using vibrating sex toy

(Thanks to Annette)


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Is it OK if I file this under "Apocalypse Update?"

Check mate!

Somebody curb Kelce & Taylor!

I can see it now. What's her name dumps Kelce then dates a Rock star. Flea comes to mind.

The unaddressed issue here is how many Swifties have named their vibrators Kelce?

I guess the name Cujo has had its day. My poodle will be devastated.

Why is it there's never a prankster around when you need one?

Far too many innuendos.

Insert [anything you like] here.

WHERE was he supposed to put his bishop?

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