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November 29, 2023


An ex-con with a lengthy rap sheet who is prohibited from carrying a handgun had a Smith & Wesson pistol stashed in his rectum when he was booked into jail early this morning, according to an Indiana police report.

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid, Emily, Leslie and w and Frank)


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SIGH .. nursecindy would've had something really good to say about this idiot.

A handgun is a gun that you hold in your hand. This was no handgun!

I think this is where Mad Eye Moody got the idea for people blowing their butts off with improperly stored wands...

"There...butt for the Grace of God go I...."

If he was going to use it to defend his virtue while he's in jail, I have to think that ship has sailed.

I don't always carry concealed but when I do, it's never in my rectum.

MOTW, I agree. I still feel a phantom dope slap after particularly egregious posts.

His inspiration:


In his defense, he was just trying to intimidate the gerbils.

"That's not mine!".

I was pretty young, but I remember him.

In my defense, Mother doesn't allow me to carry a weapon.

"I have no idea how that got there."

Ouch ouch ouch ouch

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