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October 03, 2023


A Ukrainian Officer’s Captured Russian Tank Wasn’t Working. So He Called Tech Support—In Russia.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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“But it’s still under warranty!!”

Who'd have expected the Russians to provide quality customer service?

You have to give the manufacturer an "A" for helpfulness and an "F" for user authentication. Maybe a phone tree choice for captured weapons systems would help. 1000 rubles a minute for support calls.

Did he press " número dos " for Spanish ?

So all those advertisements on TV about purchasing that extended warranty are pretty much true, so to speak. Was it Car Shield? Or maybe Tank Shield?

Tech support said "Da, defrag the hard drive."

They are a lot more helpful than TypePad

"Your call may be monitored for targeting purposes."

This is Comrade Dogbert's Technical Support. How may I abuse you?

Turn on your GPS, and as soon as you provide us with your coordinates, we will get back to you in a few.

Tanks for nothing? You're velcome.

How about if the Russian Tank Road Warranty Service administrators parachuted in a 104-year old Russian babushka to provide onsite, in the field, repair service. "Comrades, eeeese pleasure to be service you. Give this old loving babushka a big hug."

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