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October 04, 2023


A huge python built its lair in a trailer park and grew 13ft long eating the neighborhood cats

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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Kind of makes my misplacing my radiation treatment buddy, a 6 foot python, seem not so bad by comparison.

She'll get hungry and drop from wherever she has been hiding soon

I notice squirrels are missing from the list of stuff it ate. So you know who the python's in league with.

The trailer people are next, obviously.

Can it be moved to the NYC subway system?

It would be a great conversation piece for whomever's trailer it was living under.

You all laugh, but this could have easily happened in S. Florida, where Burmese pythons are very prevalent. 13' is NOT a large python.

How can I get one of those for my neighborhood? "Here, kitty kitty."

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